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Deaf Entrepreneurs Launch New Mail Scanning Service

Two Deaf men based in Texas, USA have recently started their own smart mail scanning and forwarding service.

by Sarah Lawrence

Two Deaf men based in Texas, USA have recently started their own smart mail scanning and forwarding service. Chris Landry and Ken Brown, both Deaf since birth, have launched their Scan Mailboxes service to replace private and business mailbox rental services.

Around the world many small businesses choose to subscribe to mail storage or forwarding services when they start out so they have a more professional looking business address and they aren’t required to give out their home address to everyone. But one common problem is having to travel far to collect your mail.

Ken BrownKen and his wife had been using mail storage services for a number of years but had become frustrated with having to travel to check them only to find that it was full of junk mail. Then last year Chris asked Ken to keep an eye on his mail while he was going to be travelling for a month; he would scan each envelope that arrived and send it on to Chris. They realised the usefulness of this service but were surprised that no one was offering it already and as a result their Scan Mailboxes service was born.

Chris LandryThey think their service is able to benefit anyone who travels frequently, works from home or moves often. Customers use their address instead and include a unique mailbox number (similar to PO Box numbers) so they can ensure the mail scanned in gets to the right person. They also offer the ability to have packages sent there for those people not able to have them delivered to their place of work.

When a new letter arrives their team scans both sides of the envelope and send that to you online. You receive an email notification to let you know that you have new mail, the scanned envelopes and letters can be read on computers, tablets and mobile phones. You can then check to see who it’s from and decide what to do with it; you can have the letter opened, scanned and sent to you electronically, forwarded in the post or immediately shredded and recycled. (For all that junk mail you don’t want!)

They offer their services worldwide starting from $9.95 (£5.89)/month with the first month for free - although as it’s currently only the one location in Texas, you would probably have to expect some delays in your mail if it’s having to travel around the world! If you'd like to find out more about their new service you can check out their website at

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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1st May 2014