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New battery helps cochlear implant users live life to the fullest

by Sarah Lawrence

Press Release

The world’s number one hearing aid battery manufacturer, Rayovac, has launched a powerful new battery specifically designed with cochlear implant users in mind.

 The new Rayovac Implant Pro+ battery, which is available now, is the manufacturer’s ‘best battery ever’, providing implant users with the power, performance, reliability and consistency they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Currently, over 10,000 people in the UK have a cochlear implant[1], and this number is growing every year. As implants become more frequent, they also become more sophisticated, with smaller processors and extra features resulting in a device which requires more power to function.

After years of research and development, the Rayovac Implant Pro+ is able to offer implant users up to 30% more power in even the highest demand devices[2], resulting in a consistent, powerful performance.

Glen Rutherford, General Manager at Rayovac, said: “With over 100 years of innovation under our belts, we know what makes a good battery, and we’ve always had the best interests of the cochlear implant wearers at heart.


"The new Rayovac Implant Pro+ is no exception. It’s built with the implant user in mind and delivers real power for real lives, to ensure that your device always complements your lifestyle.


“We’ve been working closely with implant users to fine-tune the Implant Pro+ and the feedback we’ve had has been great. I’m in no doubt that this is Rayovac’s best battery yet.”

The Implant Pro+ will also feature new and improved consumer friendly packaging, with thicker card, a double plastic dial to ensure batteries are safe within the pack, and a ratchet feature, all helping to make dispensing batteries much easier.


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[1] According to Action on Hearing Loss
[2] Based on the 20ma test 2014

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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6th March 2015