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Rayovac announces launch of next generation Proline Packaging

Improved packaging should be better for their Hard of Hearing customers

by Sarah Lawrence

The world’s number one leading hearing aid battery manufacturer, Rayovac, is introducing a bright and fresh new look and extensively improved features, to its esteemed ProLine packaging range this autumn.

To future-proof its packaging in line with customer demands, the company has invested significantly in the new packaging range, which offers a number of stand-out benefits for audiologists and their patients, whilst retaining the same high quality, powerful performance of the Rayovac ProLine product.

With ease-of-use for the user at the heart of the new packaging, the user will benefit from improved card features such as a double dial on the pack which ensures the batteries are considerably more secure. A ratchet feature has now been added making the batteries much easier to dispense and the tabs which keep the batteries fresh are now up to 35 per cent bigger, offering greater support to patients with dexterity issues.

The Rayovac ProLine programme supports audiology business growth across the globe and the new packaging is set to further enhance the ProLine benefits for audiologists. As well as the significant improvements to the user experience, new features such as the packaging’s four-colour imprint option, allowing audiologists the opportunity to customise the battery packs with their details in full colour and with a 35% larger print area, allow for more flexibility, and the chance to create greater brand awareness for businesses – tailoring the battery packaging to the audiologists’ individual requirements.

Alongside this, the Rayovac ProLine programme, also offers a wide range of marketing opportunities, from displays and loyalty programmes, to a wide range of marketing materials and other promotions.

Paula Brinson-Pyke, Director of Marketing at Rayovac, said: “Our new ProLine packaging is based on our customer’s needs and it was hugely important to us to develop a line of packaging that puts the customer and the user at the heart of the product.

“We have many loyal audiology customers across the globe and we wanted to create a product that can really help support their business growth. The new ProLine packaging range offers significant brand building, customisable opportunities for the audiologist and our range of marketing support can be tailored to individual needs.

“The packaging is also much brighter, fresher and fit for the future with tangible benefits that will make a real difference to the user experience.

“We may have improved our packaging but importantly, we also want to reassure our customers that the products inside, still offer the same high quality, best in class performance as all our ProLine range.”

As part of the improvements to the range, Rayovac has also made its carton packaging more robust for improved shipping and all orders are shipped within two days of receipt, ensuring practices around the world are able to be quickly re-stocked. 

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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17th October 2014