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New Made For iPhone Hearing Aids Launched in the UK

ReSound LiNX is being launched in the UK introducing a brand new way to control the settings on their hearing aids

by Sarah Lawrence

Apple’s proprietary wireless streaming technology is being utilised by ReSound LiNX™ to allow users to control their hearing aid and stream audio directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. ReSound has also developed an app letting the wearer directly control their hearing aid as never before. This Made for iPhone hearing aid is now available in the UK.

Via the app the hearing aid’s settings can be modified through the iPhone or iPad. Wearers can adjust volume, treble, bass etc to suit specific environments – their local restaurant, café, sports stadium, the office, at home – and ReSound Smart app’s ‘geo-tagging’ feature will remember these adjustments when they return to that location. It knows where you are and what you require.

Phone calls are streamed direct to the hearing aid – so there are no distractions or background noise. If the wearer is using their iPhone or iPod touch to find their way around then the turn-by-turn directions also come directly through to the aids.

​For music lovers and film buffs this hearing aid can be used as state of the art headphones by streaming the wearer’s favourite music or film track direct from the Apple device.

And if the aid is lost then the app enables you to use the iPhone to locate it – by homing in on the device.

The direct Bluetooth® Smart connectivity (that enables the data exchange between the aid and Apple device) means that the ReSound LiNX™ aid wearer does not need to carry a separate remote control unit. This makes hearing aid usage and control more discrete and less cumbersome.

“There are three things I particularly love about my Made for iPhone hearing aids. First, the sound quality is the best I’ve ever heard in a hearing aid – totally natural. Second is calling my daughter on my iPhone. Conversation is streamed directly into my aids wirelessly, so the phone can be on the table and I can talk normally with my hands free. Third is being able adjust the sound settings via the Smart app on my iPhone so they are how I like them. I slide the bass level to halfway – and the treble towards the top – so easy with the on screen sliders. That gives me perfect sound.” Vernon, London.

ReSound LiNX, the world’s smartest hearing aid, combines the best in hearing aid technology with the latest in iPhone functionality – to produce the only hearing aid that can come close to describing itself as ‘cool’.

It is available from all good independent hearing aid dispensers. To find your nearest visit: MadeforiPhoneHearingAid 

About ReSound LiNX
ReSound LiNX is the first smart hearing aid – and it is the smallest on the market. It integrates Bluetooth® Smart technology into the fastest and most advanced 2.4 GHz wireless chip. Its sound quality is unrivalled, coming top in a recent independent study of hearing aids (DELTA Senselab, Denmark, 2013).

About ReSound

ReSound is one of the top five hearing aid manufacturers and is based in Denmark. The company was founded in 1943 and has been producing top quality, well-designed hearing aids that have helped hearing impaired people rediscover sounds. The company’s mission is to reconnect people to the world with products that are invisible, rival natural sound and are intuitive to use. This work, often in collaboration with other leading technical innovators, is set to redefine the hearing aid for the 21st century.

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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3rd April 2014