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Great Britain Deaf Women Heading to Germany for Euro Champs

Taking place between the 14th and 27th June 2015, the GB team will face the best that Europe has to offer

by Chris Beech, GB Deaf Football

Introduction by Sarah Lawrence, Editor - Ladies football has grown in prominence in recent years and I am delighted to report that ladies Deaf football has also attracted greater particpation too. Meeting some of the ladies involved during a recent Futsal event in Cardiff, the buzz of antipation about the GB teams involvement in the European Deaf Football Championships was fantastic, and now they are just days away from starting their travels.

Like the men's team, the squad has been drawn from a number of different clubs around the country, with all the players keen to do well for their country. Very much in the development stage, there are less teams in the ladies draw, with the GB team taking on Germany, Poland and Russia in the round-robin preliminary stages.

Established in 2000, the GB team have already done well on the international stage, and the European Championships provide another opportunity for the players to do their country proud. Hopefully, people will get behind them and support them every step of the way. 

The team are looking for financial support from sponsors and donors, and they are also seeking support to win money simply through an email voting programme. All you need to do to vote is enter your email address at this website, and then validate the email through the email reply: marsmilk

Squad Members in Alphabetical Order

Name: Jennifer Evans
Age: 16 
Club: -
Position: Defender


Name: Hope Fawitt
Age: 22 
Club: Cheltenham Ladies FC, University of Gloucester
Position: Defender
Quote: "After recovering from a serious knee injury two years ago my dreams are finally coming true and I can't wait for the experience to represent my country."


Name: Sharon Hirshman
Age: 45
Club: -
Position: Defender


Name: Debbie Hibbett
Age: 23 
Club: Tamworth Ladies 
Position: Centre Midfield
Quote: "After a brilliant experience in the Deaflympics, I am really looking forward to playing for my country."


Name: Tabassum Iqbal
Age: 19
Club: Birmingham Deaf Ladies FC
Position: Midfield
Quote: "I'm very excited and nervous to play for GB as this will be my first time. I hope to bring some medals to our homes. Come on ladies."


Name: Kimberley Jones
Age: 18 
Club: Birmingham Deaf Ladies FC 
Position: Centre Midfield
Quote: "My dream has finally come true to represent our country. I'm so excited and nervous but hoping to make everyone proud!"


Name: Rachel Mallard
Age: 19 
Club: Manchester City Ladies
Position: Midfield/GK
Quote: "It is an honour to be playing for Great Britain, since it's been my dream."


Name: April Malin (Vice Captain)
Age: 22 
Club: Billing Ladies 
Position: Forward
Quote: "I am so proud to be vice captain at my second international at Germany."


Name: Sharon Molloy
Age: 33 
Club: Folly Lane Ladies FC/St Johns Deaf FC
Position: Defender


Name: Naomi Myrie
Age: 23
Club: Little Eaton Ladies
Position: Defender
Quote: "I am looking forward to representing my country and taking part in my first international games. I am very proud!"


Name: Gemma Newson
Age: 23 
Club: St Johns
Position: Goalkeeper
Quote: 'There will be a few teams seeking revenge for their defeat against us in the Deaflympics, so it's going to be a very tough battle, but I'm confident each player will perform at their best."

Name: Helen O'Brien
Age: 17
Club: Northwich Vickies
Position: Defender
Quote: "I've never played internationally before, therefore I'm a little bit nervous but excited to be experiencing new things."


Name: Sarah Page
Age: 24
Club: -
Position: Midfield
Quote: "I learned all about life with a ball at my feet."


Name: Dawn Perry-Lewis
Age: 21
Club: Reading Deaf FC
Position: Midfield
Quote: "Playing in Germany and against other different teams will be a challenge as its my first time!"


Name: Clare Stancliffe (Captain)
Age: 26
Club: St Johns Deaf FC
Position: Midfield
Quote: "A massive change in the squad presents a difficult challenge for us, but I am confident every player will give their all. I look forward to leading the squad in Germany."


Name: Ceara Toal
Age: 27
Club: Loughborough Foxes
Position: Foward
Quote: "I am making my debut for GB and I'm 100% determined and raring to go."


Name: Victoria Wenman
Age: 25
Club: St Johns Deaf FC
Position: Midfield
Quote: "It's every child's dream to play and represent their country, especially wearing a shirt. And it'll be my wholehearted honour to wear the shirt again."

Article by Chris Beech, GB Deaf Football

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5th June 2015