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GB Deaf Football Squad for the 2015 European Championships

Heading out to Hanover shortly, the young Deaf men are excited about the opportunity to represent their country

by Chris Beech, GB Deaf Football

Introduction by Sarah Lawrence, Editor
- Deaf football has a long and distiguished history in UK Deaf culture. Attracting players from a range of backgrounds, but with cultural deafness a strong part of the sport, players from across the UK play weekly throughout the football season in leagues and competitions organised by Deaf sporting organisations. On the world and European stage, GB Deaf Football has a long list of accomplishments and the next big competition, the European Deaf Football Championships are due to kick off in Hanover, Germany on the 14th - 27th June.

The 22-man squad, picked from teams across the UK, has been announced and will shortly leave these shores to compete with their European counterparts. With a mixture of new blood and experience, the squad looks well balanced and hopes are high amongst the GB Team management, that the team will do well.

Many of these players have been here before, many of the older players having picked up silverware or medals in past competitions, so the younger players will have experienced team mates to help and guide them throughout the build-up and competition stages of the tournament.

Here at SLFirst, we have watched many of these players over the last two years playing for their clubs and countries, so we will be keeping a sharp eye on the Championships and would like to wish everyone involved in GB Deaf Football the very best of luck, with special mention to Alistair Dalziel, who Captains the side.

Squad Members in alphabetical Order

Name: Daniel Ailey
Age: 33 
Club: Chalfront St. Peter FC
Position:Centre Forward
Quote: "I am fully prepared."



Name: Thomas Allen
Age: 27 
Club: Bristol City Deaf FC
Position: Centre Midfield/Centreback
Quote: "We have a strong squad which is capable of winning this tournament. The boys are fired up and so am I!"


Name: John Atkinson
Age: 32 
Club: Doncaster Deaf FC
Position: Goalkeeper/Midfielder
Quote: "Very hungry and itchy. I am thrilled to be part of the new-look squad which is a mixture of new young players and experienced older players. I am excited to be with GB squad for 2 weeks and to do our jobs, which is to win the tournament and bring the gold medal back home!"

Name: Thomas Boyle
Age: 25 
Club: Fulham Deaf FC
Position: Goalkeeper
Quote: "I am very excited and focussed."


Name: Adam Carl Breeze
Age: 23 
Club: Birmingham Deaf FC & Lichfield City FC
Position: Centre Midfield/Winger
Quote: "I am nervous and Excited! It is gig honour to be selected to be part of the team. I am looking forward to going to Germany, to learn a huge experience there!"

Name: Matthew Byfield
Age: 28 
Club: St John's Deaf FC
Position: Centreback
Quote: "It is an amazing team and I am 100% confident we will do well at the European championships."


Name: James Clarke
Age: 25 
Club: Littleton FC/ St John's Deaf FC
Position: Striker
Quote: "I am very confident about Hanover. Every player seems to be so hungry and we all have one thing in mind and that is the GOLD."


Name: Marios Costi
Age: 28 
Club: St John's Deaf FC
Position: Winger/Striker
Quote: "I have a good feeling about the European Championships in Hanover, Germany. I feel positive that we will do well and reach the European Championships final. My dream is that we win the gold medal, let’s hope that dream comes true!!"

Name: Alistair James Dalziel (Captain)
Age: 36
Club: Derby Deaf FC
Position: Midfield
Quote: "After already experiencing Hanover in October with Team GB in the dry run for the Europeans, I am ready to go back and do the country proud."


Name: Philip John Dolan
Age: 27 
Club: Kilsyth Rangers
Position: Midfield/Winger/Striker
Quote: "Buzzing, this is a very decent team with a large number of players. This will keep us totally focussed. We hope to go all the way to the final with our menatitly, discipline & British bulldog style. Winning is our aim, nothing else."

Name: Samuel Evans
Age: 25 
Club: Fulham Deaf FC
Position: Left Midfield
Quote: "I feel positive, fit and strong."


Name: Nicholas Gregory
Age: 33 
Club: Fulham Deaf FC
Position: Defender/Midfield
Quote: "I am confident and raring to go!"


​Name: Samuel Halfpenny
Age: 21 
Club: Crawley Green
Position: Centre Midfield
Quote: "I am looking forward to my first big tournament! I am so proud to represent my country!"


Name: Halkawt Kerkouki
Age: 24
Club: St John's Deaf FC
Position: Righ Back
Quote: "looking forward to it and I will be ready to give 100% for sure!"


Name: Jordan Kerr
Age: 30
Club: Glasgow Deaf FC
Position: Centre Midfield
Quote: "I am looking forward to representing GB once again in an international tournament and I am determined to do well with the team. Our objective is just simple - win the Gold."

Name: Benjamin Lampert
Age: 30
Club: Fulham Deaf FC
Position: Midfield/Left Back
Quote: "Very excited and aiming to the Gold Medal!"


Name: Ross McCarthy
Age: 23 
Club: Manchester Utd Deaf FC/Doncaster Deaf FC
Position: Centre half/Centre Midfield
Quote: "I can't wait to play in Hannover. It is a dream come true for me and I can't even wait to kick the ball and bring back the gold!!"

Name: Jerem​y Millensted
Age: 28 
Club: Wallaton FC
Position:Centre Midfield
Quote: "Really looking forward to it and it will be a fantastic experience for me. I will bring the gold back to our country and make the fans proud!"


Name: Danny Rea
Age: 19 
Club: Belfast United Deaf FC, Barnet Deaf FC, Berlin Swifts FC
Position: Midfield/Striker
Quote: "My current feeling about Hanover, is that I am nervous with excitment and hungry for the tournament!"


Name: Philip Edward Swift
Age: 25 
Club: Fulham Deaf FC
Position:Right/Left Midfield
Quote: "I am feeling nervous and excited."


Name: Jacob Willis
Age: 23 
Club: Fulham Deaf FC
Position: Striker/Right Midfield
Quote: "I am feeling very confident about our chances of winning the Gold. We have a strong squad. We will have a strong starting 11 and a very strong substitutes bench, with players who can come on and change the game. If we go out there with a strong mentality along with fans to cheer us along, I believe we can give everybody something to cheer for!"

Name: Damien Wood
Age: 28 
Club: Manchester Utd Deaf FC
Position: Midfield
Quote: "Feeling xxcited. It is a great opportunity and we are ready to win."


The GB team kick off their competition on the 15th June, when they take on Russia at the Oststadt Stadium, kick off is at 4pm.

Their second group game takes place on the 17th June at the same venue against Denmark. Kick off 7pm.

Their final group match sees them take on the Czech team on the 19th June, with another 4pm kick off.

The knockout stages of the competition begin on Sunday 21st June.

Article by Chris Beech, GB Deaf Football

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4th June 2015