Deaf Sports Events9th February 2016

England Deaf Rugby Taster Arranged with Exeter Deaf Academy

Deaf Rugby Event seeks to highlight opportunities for all deaf children

by SLFirst Sports Team

Wayne Reed a Community Rugby Coach working with the RFU has been working with the Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education for the last couple of years to develop rugby opportunities. Following the success of Wayne's programme, England Deaf Rugby are now involved and an event is being hosted to encourage players and clubs to learn more about the opportunities that exist through Deaf Rugby. It is on the 21st February at the Queen Elizabeth School, Barnfield, Crediton.

Asking Wayne about the benefits to Deaf youngsters in getting into sport like rugby, he told me, "rugby gives the opportunity for deaf people to get involved in a fantastic sport. It will increase their confidence, be fun and help them be part of a team. It will also show that they are as capable of playing as everyone else."

In amongst mainstream education, few staff involved with deaf students know about the sporting opportunities that exist for them in Deaf sport. Asking Wayne about this in respect of Deaf Rugby, Wayne said, "At the moment opportunities are limited, which is the reason that I am helping to organise the deaf awareness day which will show more deaf people that they can play rugby and also help make club coaches aware of how they can accommodate deaf players into their team. There are several formats of rugby not just 15-a-side contact, there is touch, tag, 7’s and 10’s so something for everyone."

Enthusiastic and excited about the opportunities within Deaf rugby, I asked Wayne how he came to be involved with the Exeter Academy and Deaf youngsters. "I was asked to help at the Deaf academy by a parent of one of my scouts in my troop whose son is deaf. I was very nervous but gave it a go and loved it. The young people progressed so quickly it was unbelievable. The work has been so rewarding and fun with the highlight being a fixture against a local mainstream school. I have also run a coaching course with college students at the academy so that they have a rugby coaching qualification and can help with the younger children."

Details of the event which includes an opportunity to see the England Deaf team during a match are detailed below.

Article by SLFirst Sports Team

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9th February 2016