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Making your money go further at Christmas time

Being able to easily compare prices will lead you to pay the lowest prices around

by SLFirst Team

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, most of us will feel under pressure with our Christmas spending. We will all want to give our loved ones some fantastic gifts, but Christmas does not come cheap, and there is only so much money to go around. So, can we make our money stretch that little bit further. Bargains are always welcome, but when you are making a purchase how do you know if you're in the cheapest place to make that purchase.

If there is one thing I hate, it's buying an item and then finding it much cheaper down the road. I always feel ripped off - don't you?

Here's a quick guide to help you find the cheapest prices on everything from toys to gadgets, clothes to smellies:-

1. Use a price comparison website or app. for example, compares prices from around 20,000 online shops. Listings show cheapest price first to help consumers spend less on the brands and products they want this Christmas.

Tip: Download the idealo app (free) before hitting the high street. Use the barcode scanner to see if your purchase is cheaper online. idealo collates and integrates current voucher codes into price comparison results, meaning consumers can find all the best deals in one place.

Speaking for, Consumer Editor, Katy Phillips said, "If we take a look at one of this year’s dream toys, the Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island retails at GBP 79.99, but using a price comparison site, consumers can order online for under £60.00. Don’t assume the first price you see is what you have to pay."

2. Delivery

Buying online can sometimes mean high delivery costs, but often retailers offer free delivery once a minimum spend is reached. Double check items from your list to see if you can purchase more from the same place as that might lead to free delivery.

idealo also enables users to filter prices to include delivery costs in order to immediately see the final price of an item, compared woth a stroll down the High Street.

3. Black Friday versus Cyber Monday

The two big shopping days which promise great deals for consumers are Black Friday (Nov 27th) and Cyber Monday (Nov 30th). Both are worth saving for, with some great deals on offer.

This year's Black Friday promises to be the best ever in the UK although Asda have just announced that they wont be taking part this year following fights and disturbances over big ticket items last year. Take advantage of deals both online and in the shops on these days, but don’t assume that just because it is a big day for bargain hunting, this must be the best price. It's worth doing some research beforehand to get an idea of what price you have to pay and then look at the deals available. Hopefully, you will find what you want much cheaper during these two days.

Tip: If there is something you have your eye on, use an app like idealo to check out the 90-day price history or set a price alert for that item before Black Friday and Cyber Monday so being prepared for what it should cost.

Recent consumer research has shown that consumers can save an average of 18% on this year’s top toys simply by comparing prices online. The savings to be had by using Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be far greater than that, so make sure you have your money ready to take advantage.

4. Negotiate

When it comes to buying a car, we all look to get the price reduced from the one shown on the forecourt, but when it comes to other items, the British culture is just to pay what is being asked. There is no greater feeling than finding an item you want at a price you are willing to pay, but then negotiating to get something off the asking price. It feels like a real bargain then.

It's definitely worth remembering that the ticket price is only the 'offer to buy' price, it doesn't HAVE to be the price you pay. One question could give you a saving and make your money stretch that little bit further this Christmas. And remember, the more you're buying, the greater the opportunity to get a deal.

Tip: Have a question ready to try and get a better price, for example, when buying a television, show this is the one you want, but be prepared to say, "I really want this, but I was hoping to pay a little less." Another option might be, "If I am buying both of these items, what deal can you offer me?" Asking costs nothing, getting an answer might save you money.

If, like me, you are ready and waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, please let me buy what I want first!!

Article by SLFirst Team

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10th November 2015