Health & Well-being31st December 2015

What Change Will 2015 Herald In Your Life

What will you be seeking to change about your life when you set out confidently into 2015

by Sarah Lawrence

As we fast approach 2015, many people will be having thoughts about setting a New Year’s resolution. Whilst people set them with good intentions, very few take their good intentions beyond January. The most important thing about setting a New Year’s resolution is to ensure it is achievable.

Some of the most important resolutions concern health, wealth and well-being, after all, these are some of the most important issues in life.

Despite the drop out rate, setting out with good intentions can be life changing, and many people have made positive changes to improve their quality of life. We thought we would set out some of the most important and frequently used resolutions. If they are relevant to you, and you do set one or more of these as New Year’s  resolutions, we wish you all the best in sticking to it in 2015:

1. Help others by doing some voluntary work

2. Give up smoking

3. Moderate any heavy or consistent drinking

4. Be more active

5. Take some exercise at least 3 times a week

6. Learn something new to keep your mind active

7. Eat more healthily

8. Reduce debt

9. Always be the best you can be

10. Lose weight

Happy New Year everyone!!

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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31st December 2015