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Traditional Pancakes

Pancakes are so easy and fast to make, they taste great and kids can have a great time trying to toss them!

by Sarah Lawrence

Shrove Tuesday is a day I enjoy. It is one of those times when I don't mind being in the kitchen, and enjoy having the children in there with me to do some cooking. It is a time for pancakes. I love pancakes and I just don't understand why I only cook them once a year. If you don't add sugar at the end, they are actually not too bad for you!


1 Pint Milk
2 Eggs
240 gms Flour
Pinch of salt
Fresh Lemon



Put 240gms of flour into a mixing bowl
Add eggs
Add milk
Add pinch of salt for taste
Whisk until you have a creamy liquid


Place shallow non-stick frying pan onto hob and add a very small amount of olive oil. Allow to warm.
Ladel one measure of the pancake mix into the frying pan

Ensure even spread of mix in the pan and sprinkle currants

Allow to heat for several seconds before working the mix around the egdes to avoid it sticking to the frying pan
After a minute, toss pancake so that both sides cook evenly

If the children try tossing a pancake and the odd one finds its way to the kitchen floor, allow raucous laughter!

Once golden brown, serve onto a plate
Apply a sprinking of sugar to taste
Add lemon juice
Roll into a small tube

Repeat lots and lots of times!!

Pancakes are also delicious served with a range of fruits, cream and/or ice-cream

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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4th March 2014