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Deaf Accessible Travel in Brazil

Run by Deaf staff for Deaf tourists, this Brazilian company guarantee a trouble free vacation

by Sarah Lawrence

Travel Agency for the Deaf - Accessibility

Eduardo Tetamanti Jurado, the C.E.O. of Deaf Travel Brazil, is a member of the Brazilian deaf community. Describing himself as “super adventurous”, Eduardo is 30 years old and resides in the city of São Paulo. He has degrees in Digital Media Design and photography. He was a former student of Architecture and Urbanism before university and was one of the first deaf people to achieve a place at the University where he undertook his studies.

Deaf Travel Brazil was started in 1998, set up specifically to arrange travel for Deaf people in Brazil. Some of their trips have involved over 100 deaf travellers, enjoying trips like four-day visits to some of the most beautiful places in Brazil. In one of the trips, Eduardo was one of the leaders at the Ballad (Night) Vibration for the deaf event.

A very experienced traveller in Brazil, Eduardo has travelled several times alone. The deaf DuduTeta (his nickname), was born hearing, but became deaf when 10 months old after contracting a high fever. Because of his love of travel, Eduardo had the desire to, “begin my fight to spread this pleasure to all deaf people.” He has since gone on to arrange many trips with deaf only groups.

Describing his enjoyment of travel Eduardo said, "Freedom when travelling brings pure happiness. We travel together whenever, wherever we want, at any time and we always communicate through our beautiful sign language.” Through their expertise, Eduardo believes that travel arranged through his company will ensure Deaf travellers will “love Brazil”.

Deaf Travel Brazil is a specialist company working to ensure accessibility and inclusion for anyone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing in tourism and in leisure activities. Their mission is to provide and promote accessibility for all, believing that it is the right of every human being to travel as they please. Their work is dedicated to deaf people, including work to break down barriers, especially problems people experience with communication.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of traveler you are. Deaf Travel Brazil modifies each tour to suit the characteristics of the people that make up each group. For Deaf and Hard of Hearing people or groups, they offer tour packages, with the benefit of a bilingual deaf guide working for you. They will be at your disposal offering a helping hand, so that you can make the most of your trip.

I asked Eduardo what each person who uses Deaf Travel Brazil have in common? “They are deaf, a child of deaf, the parents of deaf children, interpreter, or someone who appreciates the beauty of sign language”, he told me. “They are adventurous, willing to try a new way to travel, and eager to learn. They are also looking for a special travel experience that they will never forget.”

A month ago, a Deaf group form Germany booked a holiday through Deaf Travel Brazil. This YouTube video will give you a flavour of how they got on.

You can contact Eduardo using email:  if you are interested in finding out more or for making enquires about a deaf friendly holiday: 

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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22nd February 2015