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Words and moments to mark Deaf Awareness Week

UK Charity Hearing Link, announce their plans to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week

by Sarah Lawrence

News Release: 13/05/2014

Words and moments to mark Deaf Awareness Week

A collection of memorable turning points and a word cloud that evolves as a people describe their hearing loss is how UK hearing loss charity Hearing Link will be marking Deaf Awareness Week.

Deaf Awareness Week is an opportunity for charities and organisations across the UK to join forces to raise awareness of hearing loss in an effort to generate greater understanding of the challenges faced by 1 in 6 people in the UK. It runs 19th to 25th May.

As part of its activities, Hearing Link is asking people to reveal the moments that have affected them most, whether positive, negative, inspiring, hopeful or insightful. It is also asking them to sum up their experiences of hearing loss in three words.

The result of these activities will be a dynamic word cloud that evolves and develops as each person contributes their three words. Alongside this, will be a powerful collection of anecdotes that highlight the impact of hearing loss and the actions that have helped people to take control and manage the challenges.

The charity hopes that family and friends of those with hearing loss will also get involved so their personal viewpoints are reflected too.

Anyone who has concerns or queries about hearing loss is encouraged to contact Hearing Link’s helpdesk, which is run by people with great knowledge and experience.

Getting involved is quick and easy, just visit

Alternatively, people can email, phone or write to the charity to give their contributions. All that’s required is:

* three words about hearing loss
* a sentence or two on each of the following:

  • The moment when you realised hearing loss was an unavoidable issue
  • The turning point that set you on track for managing hearing loss better
  • Piece of advice to someone new to hearing loss

For anyone wishing to give a more detailed account of their experiences of hearing loss, Hearing Link will welcome this too.

Dr Lorraine Gailey, Chief Executive of Hearing Link, said: “Hearing Link is an organisation that represents people with hearing loss and their family and friends. We know how helpful it is for experiences to be shared for the benefit of others, which is why we are keen for as many people as possible to share their stories.

“Hearing loss brings a wide range of challenges to people’s lives and it is easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed. Knowing you are not alone as you adjust to hearing loss and to learn to manage the challenges can make a world of difference.

“Those not yet ready to talk about their hearing loss will hopefully gain from seeing this project unfold on our website and social media sites. Our helpdesk is also available for anyone seeking support or information about hearing loss."

Hearing Link’s helpdesk can be contacted at or at 0300 111113; SMS 07526 12325

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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14th May 2014