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If you have the benefit of a wonderful audiologist why not nominate them

by Sarah Lawrence, Editor

Time is running out for members of the deaf and hard of hearing community to share their hearing story and nominate their audiologist for a prestigious award.

The 2015 Audiologist of the Year (AOTY) competition, which honours the UK and Ireland’s top hearing professionals, is underway with entries coming in every day and there is still time to nominate and be in with a chance of winning a host of great prizes.

The Audiologist of the Year competition invites patients who have received exceptional levels of support, service and care from their audiologist to share their story and in doing so nominate their hearing practitioner for the award. 

The competition is free and simple to enter, and organiser Rayovac, the world’s leading hearing aid battery manufacturer, EHIMA (European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association) and Audio Infos (leading hearing magazine) offers you plenty of hints and tips for entering on the dedicated competition website, The deadline for entries is 10th July 2015.

AOTY is a great way for patients to give back to their audiologist and say thank you for the work they’ve done. Not only that, the patient who nominates the winning audiologist will take home a fantastic prize package, including a cash prize and a bundle of electrical goods worth almost £250.

Rayovac, along with Audio Infos, the international hearing publication, and the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA) come together each year to run the competition in 10 countries across Europe – making it the biggest of its kind

After the winners from each country are announced in September, the winners of both the UK and Irish stages of the competition will go on to compete with audiologists from France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland to battle it out for the title of European Audiologist of the Year. Your audiologist could be crowned Europe’s best, and the first step is nominating them for the competition.

The overall winner of 2015’s competition will follow in the footsteps of current European champion, Jens Warnecke, from Hörwerk in Fürth. Jens was awarded the German crown after being nominated by his patient, Siegward Kaphengst, who shared his inspiring story about the life-changing effect that Jens has had on his life.

Siegward’s hearing problems began over 20 years ago, when he began to suffer bouts of acute hearing loss in both ears, accompanied with tinnitus. He was given a hearing aid for his left ear, but told he was completely deaf in his right.

The problems were debilitating, resulting in Siegward giving up his job, his hobbies and beginning to withdraw from normal life. Jens went above and beyond the call of duty in caring for Siegward, improving his hearing in his left ear and recommending a cochlear implant for his right.

Siegward said: “Imagine my amazement, even shock, when Mr Warnecke told me that, although I had very, very severe hearing loss in my right ear, I was definitely not deaf. “Residual hearing” he called it. Just imagine: you run from one doctor to another, from hospital to hospital, only to be told by your audiologist that you’re not deaf."

“And what can I say? Mr Warnecke was right! I can hear again! I can join in conversations and hear better than ever! I can pursue my hobbies and would have been able to carry on with my job if I had met Mr Warnecke earlier."

“I can definitely say that this audiologist has changed my life and that of my wife’s – I can follow conversations again, I can hear what people are saying to me from all around, the TV volume is half as loud as before, to everyone’s relief – a whole new life has begun!”

Paula Brinson-Pyke, Marketing Director at Rayovac, said: “Every year we hear from countless people who have received exceptional care from their audiologist but just didn’t know the best way to really say, ‘thank you’."

“Audiologist of the Year is the perfect way for patients to give something back to their hearing doctor, ensuring they get the recognition they deserve for their care and dedication."

“Entering is free, simple and quick, but with the closing date fast approaching we don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to nominate their audiologist. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to share your hearing story.”

Entering is simple and free of charge and can be submitted online at or via post to: Audiologist of the Year 2015, Spectrum Brands (UK) Ltd, Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE37 3HW.

Entries close on 10th July 2015. For handy hints and tips on how to enter and for more information about the competition, visit

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Article by Sarah Lawrence, Editor

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1st May 2015