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Our DeafBiz Blog - The Hidden Disability

by Sarah Lawrence

Our DeafBiz Blog, The Hidden Disability, has continued to be popular in many places around the world. The blog has now been read by people in 84 countries, and we have pushed well past the 20,000 viewer mark.

Most importantly, we have continued to highlight issues of concern, and in some of those cases, we have been contacted shortly afterwards to ask for our help in improving the service provision we have called into question. Of course, not every blog hits the mark, but we will continue to raise issues that are brought to our attention.

Over the last three months, we have also been party to some excellent examples of Deaf Friendly services, and it has been a pleasure to give those positives the same level of blog coverage. In the same way that calls for improvement sometimes got a response, so did some of the positive stories, with some of them resulting in us promoting them as Deaf Friendly services in the SL First Magazine.

Most recently, people have contacted us and asked if we would consider hosting blogs from guest bloggers. We intend to do just that, under our editorial control, but we think it is important to share the views and opinions of others. Indeed, blogs by others might help us convince some service providers that the issues we highlight are widespread, and not just the experience of Simon or Sarah.

A highlight this month is that one of our positive story blogs, was used as the basis of a Council Press Release. We have also received some great feedback over the last three months, and forged some new relationships directly through the blog.

With new bloggers coming on board, we hope our DeafBiz blog continues to go from strength to strength. Thank you to all those people who read it and help us get the stories out there.

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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12th October 2013