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Aspiring Solicitor Helped by UK's Audiologist of the Year 2013

Audiologist of the Year 2013 helps aspiring solicitor

by Sarah Lawrence

NEWS RELEASE - October 2013 

29-year-old Warren Stapley from London has recently qualified as a financing solicitor at an international law firm. His demanding job could never be classed as ‘easy’, but it’s made all the more challenging due to Warren’s severe hearing loss.

Warren was born with an unusual form of hearing loss known as ‘cookie bite’, due to the specific shape in the audiogram of a person with the condition – like a cookie with a large bite taken out of it. People with cookie bite hearing loss have difficulty perceiving mid-to-low-frequency sounds, meaning that Warren can hear sounds such as doors slamming, but has difficulty following conversations.

Warren, like an estimated 10% of the UK population, also suffers from tinnitus; the perception of ringing within the ear when no actual sound is present.

Due to his condition, Warren has worn two hearing aids since the age of six, and has made frequent trips to various hearing care professionals, due to both his hearing loss and his ongoing struggle to cope with tinnitus.

These problems, coupled with Warren’s hectic work schedule, meant that Warren has often struggled to find an audiologist who could fit in appointments around his lifestyle, and he is so pleased to have finally found ‘the one’ – in audiology terms, that is – that he’s nominated her for the UK’s most prestigious hearing care award – and she’s won.

Warren nominated his audiologist – Jaspreet Bahra, BSc (Hons) Audiology RHAD, who works at Harley Street Hearing in London – for the prestigious Audiologist of the Year competition, after two years of outstanding service.

Now in its sixth year, the competition, which is run by the world’s leading hearing aid battery manufacturer, Rayovac – celebrates the exceptional work of audiologists across Europe.

An independent judging process, which included a panel of the UK’s industry professionals, took place during the summer months to whittle down the nominees and determine the UK winner, focusing on the dedication, commitment, knowledge and levels of care demonstrated.

Warren said: “I first met Jaspreet in August 2011, and in between then and July 2013, I have attended 29 appointments with her, many of these on a Saturday and most of them at ‘anti-social’ times such as 7.30 or 8.00am in order to accommodate my working schedule.

“I have never known, nor even heard of, any audiologist being so committed to a patient that they would arrange appointments for the hours that Jaspreet does, even when it has meant rearranging their own annual leave.

“I cannot stress enough, having arranged for my primary care to be under Jaspreet and Harley Street Hearing, the difference this has made to my working and personal life.”

Warren explained how, since meeting Jaspreet, his confidence has soared, with the new hearing aid devices he has been fitted with making a real difference to his life. Supported by Jaspreet, Warren has faced up to the challenges of working in a competitive law environment whilst living with severe hearing loss.

He was recently elected to the Executive Committee of the Lawyers with Disabilities Division, a division of the Law Society which seeks to widen access to the legal profession by creating a level playing field for talented disabled professionals and he credits a great part of his success to the invaluable support received from Jaspreet.

He continued: “I feel that, more than any other audiologist I have ever worked with, Jaspreet takes time to understand what matters most to me, namely the way in which I have always battled with trying to keep my hearing loss ‘hidden’.

Jaspreet has always been sympathetic to my efforts to look and sound as ‘normal’ as possible, even where this means being constantly challenged when I try to use my disabled persons railcard, or by well-meaning folk who insist that I don’t have anything wrong with me at all!”

“I firmly believe that Jaspreet is unique amongst her peers, a true professional who deserves to win this prestigious award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to both patient care and her field as a whole.”

Alan Torbet, CEO of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA) and a member of the judging panel, said: “I am delighted to have been involved in this year’s Audiologist of the Year competition. This year has been a particularly strong year for entries and it truly is heart-warming to see the ways in which hearing professionals really can make such a difference to their patient’s lives. Mr. Stapley’s story shows the level of service he received from his audiologist Ms. Bahra, and it is so inspiring to see that her support has helped him achieve his full potential making such a difference to his life.”

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Article by Sarah Lawrence

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6th November 2013