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Fire Safety for the Deaf

Fire safety is important for Deaf people, here we discuss one of the services offered by one Fire Service

by Sarah Lawrence

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Because I am Deaf, one of my greatest fears has always been getting stuck in a burning building because I could not hear the alarm. Consequently, whenever I go to hotels, I always try and find out what measures they have to alert me should the alarm be activated.

That got me thinking, what about when I am at home? How do I protect myself there? I started asking around and because I live in Wales, I was pointed in the direction of the South Wales Fire Service. They were keen to help and explained that because I am Deaf, I was eligible for a free, Deaf Friendly alarm.

I remember thinking how pleased I was, and made arrangements for them to call around. I provided a little information in making the appointment and was able to make the appointment using text, email or fax, as well as through an interpreter ringing for me. When they came to the house, I was pleased to see that they had taken my personal safety into consideration. Two ladies called around, to avoid me feeling vulnerable, and they wore uniform, so that I could see they were genuine.

They talked to me about fire safety and fitted a flashing light and vibrating pager into my home. They took time to make sure I understood how it worked, and advised me to test the system every Tuesday, as part of their fire safety programme, which they had given the catchy name, ‘Test Tuesday’.

Their work was exemplary, and they were warm, friendly and helpful throughout. All in all, I thought it was a fantastic service, made all the better because it was free. It means that I now feel safer at home, and I am confident that I am more able to protect my family too. South Wales Fire Service were, quite simply, brilliant and I cannot thank them enough. 

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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13th October 2013