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Cardiff Hearing and Tinnitus Expo All Set For March

Advice, information and products all brought together under one roof in Cardiff Expo

by Sarah Lawrence

There are very few opportunities for Deaf or Hard of Hearing people to have easy access to a range of service providers in the same place. Throughout England, there are a couple of events, but in Wales there is nothing. That is until now. In Cardiff on the 19th March, Hearing Aid Solutions, are organising an exhibition that will bring together a wide range of service providers to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

Whether you are Deaf, Deafened, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or suffer from Tinnitus, there will be businesses, organisations and hearing professionals there who are keen to support you. Up until now, all the different disciplines which help and support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Wales have never really been put together under one roof before, so this exhibition brings together years of planning and ambition.

Entry to the public is free, and exhibitors will be giving away gifts and offering discounts on their products which will only be available on that day. There is also free tea and coffee available, making this a fantastic, relaxed opportunity to go along and see the range of products and services that are available. Along with Unitron, a leading manufacturer in hearing instruments who are sponsoring the event, there will be other hearing aid manufacturers, hearing mould producers, noise protection and assistive device suppliers as well as Tinnitus specialists, charities and support groups, in effect providing a one – stop – shop for anyone who has any need for, or interest in these services.

In collaboration with Unitron, Hearing Aid Solutions are putting on the Hearing and Tinnitus Expo for people from across Wales. Based in Wales and due to open a new office in Cardiff, Hearing Aid Solutions, is a long established independent family owned company. This means they have the ability to individually prescribe and supply the best hearing solution for the individual, according to the prescription and the lifestyle priorities.

No one tells Hearing Aid Solutions what to supply or fit, as they are not tied to any specific brand or provider and are not owned by anyone. That means, they don't just take anything off the shelf, they spend time researching the best solution for each individual. They made the decision to become truly independent from the moment they set up the business, wanting to offer the best and widest range of choices as possible for their patients.

Talking to me about the business Martyn Scott from Hearing Aid Solutions, said, “We pride ourselves on our after-care and rehabilitation, which is as important as the hearing aids themselves. We are very proud to have won awards, in fact, we are the only company in the whole of the UK to win four commendations on four separate occasions in the Rayovac European Audiologist of the Year awards.”

Responding to customer needs, this family business has expanded their skills to include Tinnitus Support and therapies. They were also one of the first companies to be trained to remove wax by micro-suction, irrigation and manual removal. Because of their reputation and interest in the development of products, they have been involved in testing a number of new manufacturers products.

Martin is the secretary of AIHHP (Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals), which is a society of the most prestigious independent companies in the country. As an association, their role is to push up standards across the industry and introduce new protocols for testing and validation. Hearing Aid Solutions are still the only company in Wales to have met the strict criteria to be a full member.

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Article by Sarah Lawrence

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26th February 2015