Deaf Life21st December 2014

SLFirst's 12 Deaf Reminders for Christmas

Sharing a little deaf awareness on the 12 days leading up to Christmas

by Sarah Lawrence

For the 12 days on the run-up to Christmas, here at SLFirst we wanted to spread some Deaf Awareness. Simple little one-liners, these memory joggers cover many of the pre-conceptions and stereotypes people have about deaf people and many of the daily issues that deaf people face.

24/12 DAY 12
Be gracious and giving at Christmas, be patient, thoughtful and caring - In amongst their own loving families Deaf people can find themselves slightly isolated from conversations at Christmas, take that moment to include them and to value what they might have to contribute.

Show your love!

23/12 DAY 11

For most people, these wonderful modern day technology advances make things easier - for many Deaf people this new technology makes things possible!

22/12 DAY 10

Don't assume Deaf people understand complex written English - keep it simple to ensure understanding.

21/12 DAY 9

The term deaf covers a wide range of deafness, requiring different consideration to achieve the best communication.

20/12 DAY 8

Directly and indirectly, deaf people are the cause of some of the major inventions. Alexander Bell, the inventor of the telephone, was influenced in his inventions by the fact he had a deaf wife and mother.

19/12 DAY 7

When communicating with anyone who is deaf, the number one priority is a good ATTITUDE.

18/12 DAY 6

In the UK, deaf people still suffer a second class service when it comes to subtitles when compared to their American counterparts. No excuses - it's about time this was sorted out.

17/12 DAY 5

Good Communication - Texts and emails are the same as phone calls for deaf people. If you read a message and don't reply, it's the same as putting the phone down on a voice call!

16/12 DAY 4

Christmas is a great time to raise deaf awareness. A simple BSL Christmas message to all friends and contacts on social media will reach a lot of people.

15/12 DAY 3

We might be Deaf but we are not Dumb! Can you imagine anyone thinking Beethoven was Dumb? Deaf people are as bright, intelligent and articulate as anyone else!

14/12 Day 2

Deaf Sport's stars might not get the coaching, funding or opportunities of others, but they are just as passionate about representing their country

13/12 Day 1

Deaf people should be recognised for their positive contribution to every day life, Thomas Edison for example lighting up every household!

Article by Sarah Lawrence

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21st December 2014