Manchester Deaf Centre

Manchester Deaf Club is open regularly and hosts a range of different group meetings including Over 50s, Youth, Football, Computers, and Parent & Toddler. The club offers a warm welcome to anyone who is Deaf, Deafened, Hard of Hearing.


Contact Information

Manchester Deaf Centre
Crawford House
Booth Street East
M13 9GH
Email: via Contact Page
Textphone: 0161 273 3415
Voice: 0161 273 3415
Fax: 0161 273 6698


Manchester Deaf Centre has their own website and you can also find them on Twitter.

Opening Times

The centre is open most days and they have different groups attending on different days/times. They are open for a social gathering every weekday (Mon-Fri) evening between 6pm and 10pm. Other groups meet at different times, here's some examples:
Monday -  1pm - 7pm   Over 50s
      10am - 12pm   Computer Group
Wednesday -  1pm - 3pm   Tinnitus & HoH Club (First Weds each month)
Friday -  12pm - 2pm   Deafblind Group (Every-other Friday)
Saturday -  Triangle Club (LGBT)  Second Saturday each month at Rembrandt Pub

Regular Events

The Centre runs regular events such as training courses, parties and other events through the year. They have signed presentations and Information relevant to the Deaf community, Fund raising events, and Bingo evenings.

What's on Offer?

  • Bar
  • Training - BSL / Deaf Awareness
  • Venue hire
  • Social Events
  • Communication Services (Booking interpreters)
  • A group for every interest


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