Luton Deaf Club

Luton Deaf Club is a social and sport club that provides an environment for members of varying deafness and hearing loss to meet and socialise on the premise of Alban Neve Centre, a unique centre that was constructed in the late 1950s for the deaf community.

Luton Deaf Club is one of the oldest deaf clubs remaining with a long history and sporting achievements.  Several generations have grown up in the deaf community with Luton Deaf Club being the hub where everyone gets together.


Contact Information

49 Old Bedford Road
Email: lutondeaf49@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.lutondeafclub.co.uk


Luton Deaf Club has an online presence on Facebook and on Twitter.

Opening Times

The Club is open every Thursday for Luton Afternoon Club 11am till 4pm. They open every two weeks on a Friday and Saturday for Social Club from 8pm until midnight.

Regular Events

The Club welcomes everyone regardless of whether they are deaf or not. People can relax and enjoy themselves with the odd game of darts and pool amongst the traditional games including Poker and Whist Drive.

The Club provides wireless internet connection and wide screen televisions for entertainment and have a stage where they host diverse shows such as pantomime and comedy.  They also organise and host events regularly that attract members and visitors from all over the country.

What's on Offer?

  • Bar (with alcohol)
  • Snooker Table/Darts
  • Cards
  • Free Wifi
  • Big Screen Projector for TV
  • Live Shows